🕵️ Who are you?

I'm just a bald-headed married white guy living in the suburbs of Boise, Idaho with my wife and dog. I do market research by day and dabble in political consulting by night. Take everything I say with a grain a fistful of salt.

💰 Why should I give you money?

You shouldn't! I mean, I’m never going to turn down free money, but the point of this is to help me think in public and hopefully contribute to the public discourse. If you want to support that, go for it. And who knows, maybe this goes somewhere and I create a tier for paid deep-dive research or something. Either way, my main writing will always be free because the point is to share my thinking, not find a new job.

Really, invest your money or consider donating it to a good cause like Headstrong, Big Brothers Big Sisters, or your local church/food pantry.